Can we do this?

When we know what we want. And if we set a time limit to it, we can start chalking a path towards it. This way we know two things the what and the when. Now how are we going to do it. Set out to find the pieces of this thing or experience or any objective that you wanted achieve in the first place. By the way, before all of this, the core driving force will be the why.

As Simon Sinek explained in his "Golden Circle":

So by far if you knew why you wanted, what exactly is that you wanted and how you could achieve it, additionally if you had set a time limit to it. Chances are you would have done it or at least gotten close to it.

For example, when I started writing I had merely 10 minutes to write this blog post. I knew why I had to do it because of this stupid unsaid vow to myself that I can and must blog daily therefore I should get this post out.

Then the how is fairly simple, get writing. In your case, whatever it is that you need to do, you should start doing it. One step at at time but don't spend too much time planning, specially if you have constraints. Start with what needs less resources and climb up the ladder of bigger tasks until you reach it.

The what is exactly what you are seeing, a simple stupid blog post. But right here in all its glory. Mission accomplished.

What's your why?

Muhammad Umar Muzaffar

Muhammad Umar Muzaffar

I study and write about Marketing & Technology. I also read books & play video games.
Karachi, Pakistan