Do it like an obligatory ritual

Good morning, afternoon or evening! Whenever you're reading this, I hope things are getting good with and around you.

Today is great but I am not at a 100% energy level. I couldn't get a proper sleep last night so I must take a nap to rejuvenate.

And I did and finished up major tasks for the day.

After breaking fast, it is the right time to wrap this up and make sure that I hit publish. Yes, it may not be a 100% awe-inspiring insight filled blog post like Seth Godin does on his blog. But it is surely one that pours out my thougts. And that is what I had promised myself earlier.

And today, I needed to remind myself that posting should be ike an obligatory ritual. I do not mean like one that you half heartedly do just for the sake of it but the one that you know is essential and even if it isn't perfect, it should be done.

Just do it. Just be there. Just publish.

Photo by George Pagan III / Unsplash
Muhammad Umar Muzaffar

Muhammad Umar Muzaffar

I study and write about Marketing & Technology. I also read books & play video games.
Karachi, Pakistan