It is never too late

Yes, we have all heard this before. It is never too late to do the right thing, to apologize, to reevaluate, adjust your course and do what you've been set to do in the first place. Or even if it is the first time you realized what you want to do, that is a good thing. Now all you have to do is start acting on it.

Some people never even get to this point. They keep on fighting, trying to figure out or perhaps give up too early before discovering their motive, ambition or sense of purpose. So if you have even a vague idea of what that finish line looks like for you, that is good enough. You are already on track.

Start now, start fresh and start like it is the first day of this journey.

Muhammad Umar Muzaffar

Muhammad Umar Muzaffar

I study and write about Marketing & Technology. I also read books & play video games.
Karachi, Pakistan